ITALY’S SECLUDED COVES: Fall in Love Again and Again…

 Well hidden in the heart of big European Countries, many unspoilt and kept-secret  towns have an indefinable  and irresistible charm. Along with attractions to visit, these towns have an authentic character and a deeply romantic atmosphere. Cilento and Voltera set a perfect example. CILENTO - AMALFI COAST Not far from Napoli and dreamy Amalfi Coast, Cilento … Continue reading ITALY’S SECLUDED COVES: Fall in Love Again and Again…


Palermo, Forget about the Godfather, Give Love a Chance

Italy might easily be considered Europe’s most romantic destination, with an abundance of choices that would leave you at a loss: Should we celebrate love in arms of Rome or rocked in canals of Venice or while enjoying classy artsy Florence?  Well in none of them if you want to break stereotypes and enjoy the … Continue reading Palermo, Forget about the Godfather, Give Love a Chance

Scotland: High on Emotion in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland enjoys stunning scenery and a vibrant culture, but it is often ignored when thinking of Europe’s most perfectly romantic places to visit. The options are infinite, be it in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, on boat cruises in the Lochs, on lush forest walk, snuggling in a cozy countryside cottage, or visiting ancient castles. … Continue reading Scotland: High on Emotion in the Scottish Highlands

Ice, Ice Nothing but Ice, Wherever You Go Only Ice

For a truly untypical vacation, while all your friends are looking out for warm destinations to escape the winter gloom, head up north, within the Arctic Circle, to Lapland, this large stretch of land spanning between Norway, Sweden and Finland, considered as Europe’s last wilderness. It is no cheap destination, but it can be made … Continue reading Ice, Ice Nothing but Ice, Wherever You Go Only Ice

A Deeply Disturbing Walk in the Land of Soviets

Next time you plan to visit Europe, forget about London, Rome, Madrid, Paris... and head to Eastern Europe. In this part of the world, remnant of the glory of ex-Soviets States, quirky landmarks, abandoned and collapsing castles, legends of haunted forests, hidden and forgotten sites... will sure make your hair stand on end.  Moldova: The abandoned … Continue reading A Deeply Disturbing Walk in the Land of Soviets

SLOVENIA: A lost-in-Time Feel

Have you ever felt yourself stepping in a middle of a picture postcard? In Piran you can feel it. Piran is one of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean and it is preserving its unsurpassed charm combined with a rich history and culture. There, the proximity to the sea and the rich history sculptured … Continue reading SLOVENIA: A lost-in-Time Feel

FRANCE: Rainbow-Colored Towns

Everyone knows Paris , Lyon, Bordeaux, Cannes... in France but there are many small villages in France that offer an unspoilt glimpse of ancient Europe, almost untouched by modern development, towns that are still immersing in the charm of the Medieval Period. Colmar is definitely one these towns. Its rich historical and architectural heritage makes it the most Alsatian town … Continue reading FRANCE: Rainbow-Colored Towns

France: Hair-Rising Adventures

Ready for an ultimate thrill? Really want to feel your pulse racing? If you dare, head to France and try these adrenaline-loaded unmissable adventures. Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding on slopes that are only accessible by helicopter.  This Sport can sometimes be really dangerous and therefore it’s almost outlawed in Europe. However, some european countries have managed to get … Continue reading France: Hair-Rising Adventures

A Swim to Remember

A beach vacation can easily turn from being the tranquil, regenerating natural getaway one was planning into an impersonal experience, as exhilarating and as relaxing as a beach invaded by hordes of tourists can be. But worry no more: there are more secluded coastal hideaways than you thought possible all around Europe’s coastal countries, where … Continue reading A Swim to Remember

CROATIA: Only the Brave…

 Croatia is one of the most beautiful, and the most underrated, destination in the world if you are looking for an ultimate adrenaline kick. The diversity of the scenery in this country is an open invitation for adventure. If you are a thrill addict then you might find it hard to visit Croatia during the warm months and not … Continue reading CROATIA: Only the Brave…

The Balkans: Heart-Stopping Fun

Europe has the reputation to be one of the best destinations for history, culture, fashion and cuisine, but it’s also the perfect place to live some unforgettable adventures if you are you’re willing to strap on your boots and leave those museums and city streets!  So attention thrill-seekers!  The Balkan Peninsula is still largely unexplored by modern tourists … Continue reading The Balkans: Heart-Stopping Fun

Portugal: A Step into a Time Wrap

If you are looking for an offbeat destination, you might need to think outside the box. Of course, France, Italy, Spain and Greece are very well known to for their nature, charm, history... but Portugal... yes Portugal... can dazzle you! Rich history, unique landscapes, picturesque villages, sunny coastal towns, rolling hills, charming countryside, great food and exquisite wines... Portugal … Continue reading Portugal: A Step into a Time Wrap

The Czech Republic, a shiver up your spine

Haunted castles, ghost tours, graveyards, midnight walks… if this is your kind of thing, then this blog post is for you. Who does not dream of visiting Prague? But the Czech Republic’s capital has much more to offer than romantic strolls and medieval architecture. For your next visit to Prague, why not sign up for … Continue reading The Czech Republic, a shiver up your spine