Ice, Ice Nothing but Ice, Wherever You Go Only Ice

For a truly untypical vacation, while all your friends are looking out for warm destinations to escape the winter gloom, head up north, within the Arctic Circle, to Lapland, this large stretch of land spanning between Norway, Sweden and Finland, considered as Europe’s last wilderness. It is no cheap destination, but it can be made … Continue reading Ice, Ice Nothing but Ice, Wherever You Go Only Ice


A Swim to Remember

A beach vacation can easily turn from being the tranquil, regenerating natural getaway one was planning into an impersonal experience, as exhilarating and as relaxing as a beach invaded by hordes of tourists can be. But worry no more: there are more secluded coastal hideaways than you thought possible all around Europe’s coastal countries, where … Continue reading A Swim to Remember

Scandinavia, Where Nature is Religion

Europe’s Nordic countries might very well be THE destination for sporty nature enthusiasts. They enjoy some of Europe’s largest and most intact stretches of true wilderness and some pretty stunning landscapes. True, Scandinavia is not known to be the cheapest part of Europe to visit, but if you plan well and head out of the … Continue reading Scandinavia, Where Nature is Religion