France: Hair-Rising Adventures

Ready for an ultimate thrill? Really want to feel your pulse racing? If you dare, head to France and try these adrenaline-loaded unmissable adventures. Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding on slopes that are only accessible by helicopter.  This Sport can sometimes be really dangerous and therefore it’s almost outlawed in Europe. However, some european countries have managed to get … Continue reading France: Hair-Rising Adventures


CROATIA: Only the Brave…

 Croatia is one of the most beautiful, and the most underrated, destination in the world if you are looking for an ultimate adrenaline kick. The diversity of the scenery in this country is an open invitation for adventure. If you are a thrill addict then you might find it hard to visit Croatia during the warm months and not … Continue reading CROATIA: Only the Brave…

The Balkans: Heart-Stopping Fun

Europe has the reputation to be one of the best destinations for history, culture, fashion and cuisine, but it’s also the perfect place to live some unforgettable adventures if you are you’re willing to strap on your boots and leave those museums and city streets!  So attention thrill-seekers!  The Balkan Peninsula is still largely unexplored by modern tourists … Continue reading The Balkans: Heart-Stopping Fun